HeL(L) SuRFiN'

HeL(L) SuRFiN' is an annual windsurfing event powered by ESN Gdańsk since 2007. That trip focuses on young, creative people, mainly students from all over the world, who'd like to take part in windsurfing challenge.

For the first time ESN Gdańsk, is organizing also party package called HeL(L) PaRTy!.
The main purpose of this package is to have fun with all participants of both HeL(L) PaRTy and HeL(L) SuRFiN’ without windsurfing activities.

HeL(L) SuRFiN’ and HeL(L) PaRTy! Will start from  June 5th to 8th 2014 at Hel Peninsula in one camp located between Chałupy and Władysławowo.

More info soon!

Politechnika Gdańska ( Gdańsk University of Technology) - the promotional movie, and...
a lot of scenes from HeL(L) SuRFiN'